What’s the attraction for Lakeview students to wrestle?

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What’s the attraction for Lakeview students to wrestle?

Sam Sudney, Staff Writer

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  Wrestling has been a staple sport in high schools all across the United States for a number of years. Why though? What motivates a student to get into wrestling, especially the 20-27 students that are already on the team? What’s the driving factor that keeps them actively engaged in competing and improving in their sport of choice? Lakeview Students give us a glimpse into the answers of these unknown questions about the world of wrestling.

  Wrestlers, despite having to battle between skill and strength of their opponents, really only have positive things to say.

  “I’ve been wrestling for about two years now, and over that period of time, I’ve found wrestling to be an enjoyable hobby. On top of that, it really helps me stay fit and healthy,” Kyle Cichowski, ‘20 stated.

  Team Captain Jacob Wyatt, ’20 enjoys the struggle to become the best individual wrestler he can be. This adds to his leadership and devotion for his team’s success.

  “I wrestle because it’s the hardest sport there is. How far you go and how well you do is completely up to you, that’s why I’ve been at it for around two years. Wrestling has a great team atmosphere where everyone on the team are basically best friends,” said Wyatt

  Coaches seem to take the same approach as any other sport coach, in how they recruit players.

  “I had one of the coaches talk to me about getting involved in wrestling, he sold me on the positive impact it’d have on my health, especially when it comes to improving skills in other sports that I play,” said Cichowski

  Wrestling, like most sports, is team based. So when it comes to being in that atmosphere it can be pretty attractive to join.

  “When I wanted to work out with my friends and saw how they all were having a lot of fun doing it, that’s when I decided to get back into wrestling.” stated Wyatt.

  It can be concluded that wrestling is very physical, and that opponents can be unpredictable, but the question that arises is ‘how in the world do these students prepare for a match?’.

  “Practices are very hard. They’re about two and a half hours long and we usually do extra training before or after practice.” Wyatt explained.

  Everyday the students start with jogging half the upstairs hallway and sprinting the other half, this usually goes for about 10-15 minutes…then they do a mix of drill moves and in some occasions they go “live” which is basically a match where both students go all out to try and beat the other.

  Wrestling is a tough sport, but now students can have an understanding on the leads, the drive, and the satisfaction that leads to players continually signing up every new season that rolls around.

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What’s the attraction for Lakeview students to wrestle?