Lakeview offers new leadership class

Hailey Cingle, Staff Writer

  Teacher Stephanie Givinsky started a new class this semester called Student Leadership. The class is meant to teach students to be better leaders in both the classroom and the community.

  “I decided to start this class because I have been running student council for a while, and I think that we need more electives at school that are not necessarily academic but can help you become a better person no matter what content you decide to go into,” stated Givinsky.

  Students in the class feel that they have already taken away many leadership skills that can help them later in life.

  “So far, I have learned the different types of leadership, and the ways that I can implement them in different situations, and I hope that I can successfully learn how to become a better leader,” stated Conner Wolf, ‘20.

  Other students enjoy it because of the interesting classroom activities that are used several times a week.

  “We just did an activity that focused on silent communication, where the goal was to keep one person out of a seat, with no talking involved. It was kind of like silent musical chairs, but I think that it really helped everyone learn how to communicate better with each other,” stated Annabella Dillenbeck, ‘21.

  Givinsky hopes to provide students with the tools needed to explore leadership and what it means to an individual.

  “Hopefully, I teach them a little bit about themselves. My goal is to provide them a space where they can explore what leadership means to them, think about what is important to them, think about how they want to be a leader in the world, and think about how they can be strategic in building the kind of communities that they want to be apart of,” stated Givinsky.

  As to what leadership means to the students, Wolf believes that leadership is necessary for  productive community service, and to guide a group successfully with proper authority.

  “I took this class because I am in a lot of community service groups, and I feel like it would be useful to know all of the leadership styles to work together well with others. Leadership to me means being able to control, but also guide a group of people that have a common goal,” stated Wolf.

  As the semester progresses, Givinsky hopes to teach students more about the types of

leaders they are and what they can do to become even better leaders in their community.