Mayfield family trip

Aili Mayfield, Staff Writer

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 Eight people in one car. Just imagine that for a minute. Pretty awful, right? Well, now imagine this: eight people in one car for 16 hours. I bet you’re speechless. That’s right, my parents, five siblings, and I traveled to Arkansas for Thanksgiving… by car. We thought this was tough, but it’s always an adventure with the Mayfield family.

  When you think of a vacation, usually Arkansas doesn’t pop up in your mind, but as everyone knows, the Mayfield’s are something else. My dad’s parents live in Arkansas, so of course we have to go visit them sometimes and I must say, it is always a treat filled with new experiences and strange activities.

  My oldest brother, Fin thought the trip could have been better.

  He said, “For the most part, it was good and it was nice to see family members; although, I wish I would have done more stuff. It was kind of boring. I was cooped up in a laundry room for the majority of the time.”

  This may seem like a pretty bland trip, but luckily there were some a few wacky things that went on while we were there.

  “ I had to move a dead sheep on Thanksgiving morning, which ideally, I’d rather not do. I would rather not move dead sheep into the forest so that coyotes can eat them. And my favorite part of the trip was probably leaving Arkansas,” Fin said.

  There are a couple of fun things to do in Arkansas, but if you know Kivi, my second oldest brother, everything and anything good comes to an end. He somehow always finds a way to break or ruin something.

  For example, my grandpa has this four-wheeler that we like to zoom through the woods with. It is a lot of fun, but of course Kivi broke it. While Kivi and I were on it, he rammed into a cactus and he knocked down a flag pole, leaving the four-wheeler damaged and no longer usable. I cannot say I am surprised. I mean, Kivi was driving it.

  Kivi had a lot less to say about the trip.

  He sarcastically recounted, “Overall the trip sucked, because there was nothing to do. Actually, it was pretty wonderful I loved it, great experience for the family, glad we could all make it there.”

  As for me, I did not love the trip, but I thought we did a few exciting things.

   One of the most fun things we did was drive around one of the two school buses my uncle owns. My dad’s side of the family has the craziest ideas, and as a result, my dad’s brother is turning a school bus into a house for his family. One bus wasn’t good enough for my uncle, so he bought another one to drive around in. Whenever the whole family had to go somewhere, we would drive a bus into town, which was actually a blast and one of my favorite parts of the trip.

  Overall, I think Fin said it best…

  “Yeah, do not go to Arkansas. It is lame. There’s nothing there,” he advised

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