Langley joins Teacher Cadet program

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Langley joins Teacher Cadet program

Jennifer Laukonis, Staff Writer

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   Student Alyssa Langley, ‘20 took Lakeview’s Teacher Cadet program for the 2018-2019 school year.

  The Teacher Cadet program has been one of the top career-teaching classes at Lakeview compared to programs like those in Cosmetology and Mechanics. It focuses on teaching students how to work in the classroom and focuses on many of the skill sets needed to work with children.

  Langley took the Teacher Cadet class to gain a new life experience.

  “I always thought that teaching was an important career path, since it has the ability to shape future generations. I wanted to see to see what it was like to work with children in the classroom and gain a new outlook on life,” Langley mentioned.

  Alyssa works in the classroom at Lakeview from 9:20 a.m. to 10:55 p.m. every Monday and Friday. She then goes to Jefferson Middle School during the same times each Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

  “So far, I have done a few projects, some book work, and a bit of teaching. Right now, we are just heading into what teaching is like,” Langley added.

  Langley has a strong passion for orchestra. She has been playing the violin ever since the 5th grade. She found love for the instrument immediately and has not stopped playing since. For this reason, Langley helps teach orchestra amongst 6th and 8th grade middle school students with teacher Lisa Payne.

  “I chose to teach this class because I love orchestra, and I want to teach more people how to play such beautiful instruments. Less and less people are playing orchestra instruments, so I want to take part in changing that,” Langley mentioned.

  Even though Langley has not had much experience in the classroom thus far, she really enjoys making a difference for students.

  “My teaching experience so far has been pretty good. I got to learn a few things about some of my students and have gotten to conduct a class. I have a lot more to do in the future, but I enjoy the environment I am in during that class,” Langley stated.

  Not only does Langley participate in high school orchestra with Payne, she also assists Payne at the middle school.

  “Having Alyssa in class is very helpful. It gives me another set of hands. Alyssa can fix  problems with my younger students that I cannot see or get to, since I have a big class over at Jefferson,” Payne mentioned.

  Teacher Cadet instructor Elizabeth Curd also feels like Langley is doing a great job.

  “Alyssa has an artistic and musical bent. It is lovely to have in class. I think that it works well because she is working with orchestra right now, so she is getting to do some one on one and teach some lessons,” Curd stated.

  Going forward, Langley plans to use her teaching and orchestra experiences to further her career aspirations.

  “In the future, I plan to become both a therapist and a musician. I feel that my experience working with both children and instruments will really help me with this. It may be a lot of work, but I am excited,” Langley stated.

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