Lakeview names fall MVP’s


Kyndal Wofford, Staff Writer

 Every sport has it’s MVP’s. All together, Lakeview’s fall sports coaches named 18 people as  MVP’s. All season long these students have not just worked hard with their sport but managed to keep up with their grades.

  The girls swim team has had an amazing year. Coach Grant named two girls as her MVP’s: Elly Belmore, ‘22 and Gabrielle Grant, ‘19. Belmore has had an great freshman year and Grant has had an spectacular year too. Both girls have won all their swim events this season. Grant has put in hard work and dedication over the past four years to make her last swim season successful.

  “Elly is going to the state championships in her 200IM and 100 brest which she currently holds both of those school records. Gabbie, as a senior, has won all of her events in the dual meets at the MAC Blue Championship,” said coach Grant.

  This year, in soccer, three teammates were named MVP’s. Coach Minners named William Seelinger, ‘19, Showgo Yoshida, ‘19, and Tyler Gerbasi, ‘21 as his MVP’s.

  “Showgo and Billy both stepped up to take on the role as leaders. Billy was our main goal scorer and was willing to play anywhere to help the team. Showgo got better with each game and became the player the other team worried about. Tyler, while only a sophomore, is as good as any defender we played against. He very rarely gives the ball away and was consistent the entire season,” said  Coach Miners.

  An MVP is also a team member that can step up and play other positions in order to make sure that the team is ready for the upcoming game.

  “All the boys play both ways. All made an impact on the ball both offensively and defensively. Damond is a four year starter. Ivan, Harold, and Evan are all three year starters. They’re the guys that have the most experience. In their career they all played in three playoff games, which is a record for any lakeview football player. They’re just really nice kids,” said varsity football coach Pat Threet.

  Getting the title MVP means you showed more than just talent for the sport. A player as a team member showed leadership. Stepping up to the responsibility is a big factor. Grace Allor, ‘19 won the volleyball MVP award because of her leadership.

  “What I think made me MVP is that I’m a very vocal leader, but also leading the team by example helped me. Also the fact that I have a great relationship with my team and my coaches have a lot of respect for me play into it as well,” said Allor.

  Makyah Henderson, ‘19 also won the MVP award for her leadership qualities in cheerleading.

  “I think I won MVP because of my work ethic and always including everyone in the cheers. Also, I got along with everybody and I always lifted everyone’s spirits and made them laugh,” said Henderson.

  Coach Carr coached the boys tennis team through an amazing season. Carr named Lucas Wertenberger, ‘19, Matthew Fennell, ‘20, and Trevor Mrowczynski, ‘19 as his MVP’s.

  “I chose Lucas Wertenberger, Matthew Fennell, and Trevor Mrowczynski as my MVP’s. All three boys were all league honors and were also all county, so they deserved it,” said Coach Carr.

  Just like the tennis team, the cross country MVP’s had an amazing season too. Coach Owens named Elizabeth Anderson, ‘19 and Jackson Dell, ‘19 as her MVP’s.

“The MVP award is solely based on points. Libby and Jackson were the top scoring for both the boys and girls team”, said Coach Ries.

  MVP’s always step up to help others. Making sure they understand how to play their positions. Tricia Jackson, ‘20, always stepped up and helped out whenever needed.

  “I think I got the award because I’m a leader. I love encouraging people to and helping when they need help,” said Tricia Jackson, ‘20.

  Congratulations to the fall MVP’s.