Fight for the best Saint Clair Shores drug store

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Fight for the best Saint Clair Shores drug store

Brendan Guciardo, Staff Writer

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 Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid all serve the same purpose. However, one is better than the other two. Michigan consists of all three of these, but some other states aren’t as blessed.

  CVS appears to have the best prices, be bigger, and be very clean, compared to the other two stores.

  Owen Greiner, ‘20 said, “ I go to CVS because of their great prices, good service, and it’s the closest convenience store to my house.”

Many agree that CVS is better than Rite Aid and Walgreens.

  Lauren Mispelon, ‘21 shared, “I go to CVS all the time. They always have what I want, and if I don’t know where the thing I’m looking for is, employees will help me.”

  Walgreens is pretty clean, as well. They have a nice selection of everything, and are the second biggest pharmacy in North America. A few people believe Walgreens is the best.

  Yiannis Tasios, ‘21 said, “I go to Walgreens because the one I live by is pretty big and has all the stuff I need, and I know all of the employees there.”

  Thomas Hintz, ‘21 also enjoys going to a Walgreens more than CVS and Rite Aid.

   He said, “Walgreens is more convenient to me. I know the employees at my local Walgreens, and it’s cool knowing that they know me.”

 According to,  78% of the population lives within 5 miles of a Walgreens, so it is a more convenient competitor for most people including Avery Harwood, ‘19.  

  Harwood shared, “There’s a Walgreens about a mile away, so it’s easy to get to. I can walk or ride my longboard up there for anything that I need.”

  Rite Aid appears to be the least popular of the three convenience stores, amongst Lakeview students. However, it is still ranked number 94 in the top 500 list of largest United States corporations by total revenue.

  Anna Pizzo, ‘21 said “Rite Aid is my pharmacy, and it’s close to my house, so when I need to get something, I just go there.”

  CVS appears to be the most popular of the three. Walgreens ranks in at number two, and Rite Aid is in last place, with very few people going there for the things they need.


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