Seniors of Lakeview High School become counselors for 6th grade camp

Michindoh Gym

Michindoh Gym

Megan Messina, Staff Writer

On Oct. 29, the 6th graders at Jefferson Middle School went on the annual 6th grade camp trip at Michindoh Conference Center in Hillsdale County. Camp was majority all 6 graders and about 20 of our seniors. They returned back on Oct. 31 around 3:30pm.

 The class of 2019 had differing views on the trip from when they were 6th grader, compared to when they were counselors.

  “I feel they were a lot more immature from what I remember in 6th grade. They knew a lot more stuff than I would have expected,” stated counselor Jillian Langlois.

  There were a lot of activities that took place throughout the day to keep the kids busy.

  “On the first day, when we got there, we did Archery. It was very difficult, but once you got the hang of it, it was so much fun,” expressed Leonard Moore.

  There was something to do everyday, such as tie dyeing shirts, creating skits, and learning how to survive in the woods.

  When it comes to being a counselor at camp, it can be fun and something that everyone should do if they get the opportunity, but that’s not always the right decision.

  “I loved being able to experience this, due to the fact I didn’t go when I was in 6th grade. I would definitely go back,” Moore added.

  Going to camp can be a great learning experience for anyone. Things campers learned are how to build a fire and how to work as a team to accomplish tasks.

  When it came to being a camp counselor, it was fun and hard at the same time.    “When it came to learning how to create a fire, it was very important to watch the kids to make sure nothing went wrong. It was a struggle for the kids to all work together but it ended up being a fun thing to do,”  Langlois stated.

  Camp organizers only selected a few kids that they thought would be good, so if one got picked, they knew they could trust and believe that they would be right for the job.