Resin assigns PBL task


Kailee Ball, Staff Writer

English teacher, Lena Resin is doing a project-based learning (PBL) assignment with her English II classes to answer the question  “How can we stand up and make our voices heard to affect positive change?”

   The project focuses on how high schoolers can make a difference in their local communities, and speak up to change problems and to show the relevance of literature in real life.  She wants to relate the play the Crucible to real life and base the project off of the idea that making a difference, mainly comes down to whether or not someone speaks up which is the key component in the Crucible.

   Students, working in groups of four brainstormed problems in places around them that can be fixed to he To help prepare her students to begin the project, Resin showed clips from the What Would You Do? T.v. show to start talking about what problems can be fixed and how do we stand up in the moment and and try to solve the problem to make a positive change .    

   Resin stated, “The PBL project is looking at an issue that made others aren’t doing anything about and trying to get students to come together and figure out issues of concern and ultimately  giving students more control on their topic, so that they are more invested in the project”.

   Each group researched different topics, such as cleaning up Lake St. Clair, vaping, and cyber bullying. The project focuses on giving  students the opportunity to choose a topic or problem that they are interested in and showing them that real world problems can be related  to literature. Students got to pick their own topic for the project and also got the chance to create part of their rubric. “The process involves coming up with a problem and figuring out what information students need to know which guides their research, then putting together the presentation based on the questions and at the end putting all of that knowledge to practical use and coming up with Solutions,” Resin explained.  


 After completing the process, all of the groups will eventually have a presentation and essay written to share with the class.