Mr.Burnett is back at it again with the new and improved Book Club


Alyssa Sutterfield, Staff Writer

Brian Burnett, who teaches English 3 amd AP English 4, is trying to keep Lakeview High School’s Book Club alive.

  Burnett loves books. He wants kids to experience how amazing it is to read a book and have it be better than the movie.

  Burnett also thinks that reading has more benefits than just making you more academically inclined.

  Burnett stated, “I think reading is a gift that gives you a chance to imagine things and it gives kids a reason to take part in something engaging.”

  Statistics show that when kids read, it gives them a larger vocabulary and helps with reading comprehension.

  Burnett stated, “Reading can dramatically help student’s test scores, but it also gives them a reason to do something other than watch T.V. or look at their phone while drooling on themselves.”

  Every other Thursday after school, book club meets, provides snacks, and gives the opportunity to choose the books they want to read.

   Burnett stated, “If I gave this club homework, it would be too similar to an English class.”

  Most kids think that reading is boring and there isn’t a point to it. Burnett thinks that the point of a book club is to make sure that kids can have fun while doing something that can academically benefit them. Burnett wants kids to realize that there is a bigger world than what’s in front of us and that reading can take us there.

  Burnett stated, “It’s important to not be stuck in the random ideas we hear in the hallways or from the people we see everyday. We need to get all different kinds of exposure, and I think kids, even adults too, can find that in reading.”

  Burnett hopes that overtime people will continue reading and that the idea of reading doesn’t “die out”.

   Burnett’s book club is currently reading Misery by Stephen King.

  Senior, Michael Franklin stated, “Personally, I think book club is a fantastic way for people to get together and read phenomenal books that they might not normally read. You create lasting friendships not only with the people you meet in the club, but also the characters you discover together. I guess the snacks are good too!”

  If book club seems fun or interesting, visit Burnett in room 237.