Guastella hopes to win big with lottery club


Lindsey Wertenberger, Staff Writer

  The lottery club has been running at Lakeview for 10 years and is currently comprised of 43 members of Lakeview’s staff. This includes teachers, secretaries, substitute teachers, former LHS employees, and lunch room staff – basically anyone interested in participating.

  As a member of this club, staff must give $20 a semester, which is put towards buying lottery tickets each week of that semester.

  The hope is that if they all buy their tickets together, then they have a better chance of winning one of the huge jackpots. If they won, then they would then split the money between all of the participants who decided to participate for that semester.

 This all began during a lunch time conversation amongst some of the staff when someone was going out to buy tickets for the huge jackpot of that week.

  Christina Guastella, math teacher, stated, “It was a big jackpot, so we all wanted in on it. So we decided to start a C lunch lotto club.”

  Guastella also included that the club was not always as big as it is currently.

  “It started with 5-7 of us at our teacher C lunch,” she added.

 Once the semester finished, it was hard to keep the club going with those teachers, so it turned into a club for the whole staff, not just those with lunch together.

  According to Guastella, because of this, other staff found out and wanted to join in on the possibility of winning it big. After that, the club rapidly grew in size each semester, and now this semester there is a total of 43 members of Lakeview’s staff who are involved.

  “No one is pressured to join. There is usually at least 20-30 of us each semester,” Guastella stated.

  This increase in size is nice because as the number of teachers participating in the club increases, so do the chances of winning. Therefore, new members are always welcome to join in for their chance to win.