Lakeview starts a Women to Women club


Amanda Balon, Staff Writer

This year, Lakeview is starting a Women to Women Club. It is being held by math teacher Susan Culver and biology teacher Christine Hager.

  The meetings will be held in Culver’s room, 216. As of right now, Culver hopes to have a meeting either every month or every two weeks, depending on what works for all members. Each meeting will last about 45 minutes to an hour.

  The club will be about women and what challenges they face in high school. The first thing they will do in a meeting is talk to the girls, and see what they are interested in discussing for the day.

  Culver and Hager hope to talk about different women’s issues and hardships, and how they need to support each other even after high school. The group hopes to talk about many different topics such as women in politics, sexual harassment, and women in the workforce.

  Culver stated, “There are many different women’s issues in the world right now that made us think of the club. We feel that we have a responsibility to help women not only at Lakeview, but around the world too. Some women do not have the advantages we do, so we going to be taking a global approach too.”

  The club will also have women doing well out in the world, come in as guest speakers. These speakers will give students advice on how to deal with everyday problems that women have to face, and how to succeed when you move onto your next step after high school.

  Jenna Dell, ‘20, decided to join the club to learn about how to overcome women’s issues and to gain new friends.

She stated, “I thought it would be nice to be able to talk freely with other like-minded women and connect with them on current issues regarding women.”

  Madison Demski, ‘20, is very passionate about the club and is excited to be making an impact by empowering others and spreading awareness.

  She mentioned, “I think it is important for women to band together to build each other up in our society, which tends to try to tear women down. I hope to make new relationships and have women who I can fall back on if I need to. Everyone who joins is probably there to strive to promote feminism and the strength we women have.”