Kelly Wandzel leads the way to victory


Aili Mayfield, Staff Writer

 This year, Lakeview’s senior girls won the annual powderpuff game on Tuesday, Oct. 16, for the third year in a row. The final score was 14-6.  All girls played amazing, however one player really lead the way on the field.

  Kelly Wandzel, senior, played as this year’s quarterback for the powderpuff game, and she played a vital role in bringing victory to the playing field.

  Wandzel tried out for the quarterback position because she wanted to challenge herself.

  “I wanted to play that position because it was the lead position, and I wanted to face the challenge of being a leader,” said Wandzel.

  Kelly demonstrated great skills that made a great fit for the quarterback position.

  Anthony Savalle, one of the powderpuff coaches, worked with Wandzel individually.

  “When we are looking for a quarterback, we are looking for a girl that has 4 skills: one, speed; two, they can throw the ball; three, that they have a determination about them, a toughness about them; and number four, that they know a little bit about football…Kelly definitely had a little bit of all four of those,” Savalle explained.

  Playing such a role, as you can imagine, can be very nerve wracking, because a lot of things fall into your hands and are your responsibility. However, that did not stop Wandzel from giving the game her all.

    “I knew there was a lot of pressure on me to call the correct plays, make good passes and run as many yards as possible,” explained Wandzel.

  Wandzel showed great school and team spirit and did not let Lakeshore take home the trophy.

  “At first yes, [I was nervous], but after awhile, I got comfortable and just wanted to beat Lakeshore’s butt!” said Wandzel.

  Lakeview’s senior girls did not have a lot of practices. They only got together about 5 times to run plays, and practice as a team. Regardless of these circumstances, all players did and great and proved themselves worthy of winning.

  “Even though we only had 5 practices before the big game, I would say I was prepared and taught well enough to go out and play a sport I basically knew nothing about,” said Wandzel.

  Powderpuff is now something that Wandzel holds close to her heart.

  “Powerpuff was the best part of high school so far! Playing the quarterback made it even better! I had the confidence in myself to do good. My main goal was to go out there and play my best to beat Lakeshore! It was nice to get together as a class and play against our rival. I would do anything to go back and play again,” Wandzel reflected.