Netbooks in need of upgrades

Netbooks in need of upgrades

Kailee Ball, Staff Writer

 Over the years, Lakeview has acquired their mini laptops,the netbooks, for easy access to the internet and they are starting to fall apart as they are used in the classrooms.

  Lakeview has had the netbooks for about ten years and they have definitely received lots of use over the past few years.

  With a total of around 80 to 90 netbooks, it can be a challenging task to keep the computers working, especially due to how old they are.

  Jackie Kukulski has the job of keeping track of the netbooks and making sure they are working. She fixes the broken netbooks and wheels around the netbook cart to the classrooms when they need to use them.

Kukulski  stated, “Actually it is not hard working with the netbooks; I get my steps in every day, but at first it was very challenging. I had to check them because they were out of order.”

  The netbooks are in need of upgrades. They are constantly needing to be fixed or in some cases just thrown away.

  The most common problem with the netbooks are losing the backing and the keyboard keys which Kukulski says she fixes by replacing old keys from other recycled netbooks.

  Students must be careful when handling them.

  “Just be gentle with them. If they were yours at home, would your mom let you carry them around the way you guys carry them around?” questioned Kukulski

  The netbooks give students the convenience of online access to the internet within the classrooms,but have been beginning to stop working and are falling apart as they are used almost every day in the school.