Lakeview Powderpuff takes home the win


Sarah Muehlbrandt, Staff Writer

  On Tuesday Oct. 16, the Lakeview Powderpuff girls took on the Lake Shore Shorians at Lakeview High School.

  Kelly Wandzel ‘19 was the quarterback.

  The hardest thing about being quarterback was making sure she called the correct plays and caught the ball when it was snapped to her. Wandzel worked extremely hard at practice in order to become the quarterback, and she had a huge impact on our win, which ended in 14-6.

  “I loved being the quarterback, I had confidence in myself that I would not fail. My teammates always had my back when I threw a bad pass or made a mistake.”

  Having a quarterback like Wandzel helped us keep our 3 game winning streak. The confidence that she had gave the rest of the team the same confidence.

  “I felt like a leader on the field, and it made me push not only myself but also my teammates to do the best they can,” Wandzel stated.

  Going into the game and being this motivated to do her best really showed throughout the entire game. She stepped up when she needed to and made a outstanding impact on the team overall.

  Julia Decker, ‘19 was one of the running backs and played excellent by scoring the first touchdown of the game on a 9 yard run.

  “My favorite part of the game was scoring the first touchdown and celebrating with everyone,” stated Decker.

  She worked very hard and showed it when she gave us out first 6 points on the scoreboard.

  Decker said, “The hardest thing I had to do was read the defense and make quick decisions, because I had to be able to see the open gaps to run through without having much time to think about it.”

  Even though this was a challenge for Decker, she came through for the team and helped us take the win.

  Julianna Hussein, ‘19 played wide receiver and had a huge 40-yard catch to set up the first touchdown.

  “After we won the game, I was filled with so much excitement, the feeling of beating our rival, and rushing out onto the field and everyone screaming was awesome,” said Hussein.

  That feeling was great not just for Hussein, but for the entire powderpuff team. Beating our rival school had to be the best thing for us girls to experience.

  “After we won, my friends and I went out to eat and blasted our entrance music as we drove to Travis,” stated Hussein.

  Being able to go celebrate after a big victory is a great feeling knowing we worked hard to keep our winning streak.