Julia Martin: The life of a driven and fun student


Alyssa Sutterfield, Staff Writer

  Julia Martin: “the girl who practically does everything”. She wants to see this place shine more than any other student attending Lakeview High School.

   Senior Julia Martin stated, “I’m a part of Student Council and I’ve also been the Vice President of my class for the past two years. I’m also a part of E-Board where we plan our two most important events for our school; Homecoming and the Blood Drive. I’m also a part of book club.” Martin is also joining Mr.Burnett’s new book club and how even  though it may seem not that fun, it actually is.

  Martin explained how she’s also been apart of NATIONAL HONORS SOCIETY for the past three years too.

 Martin is already doing so much for Lakeview, but still managing to work hard when it comes to her classes.

 Martin is taking AP Lit, AP Bio, Financing, and Public Speech as Wayne State classes.

   Martin stated, ” Let me tell you, it’s kind of hard, but you have to challenge yourself!”

  Martin is also a very athletic person. Her main sports throughout the school year are Cross Country and Track and Field. She has been running for Lakeview teams throughout her four years of high school.

  When it comes to putting things together, like the Pep Assembly for Homecoming or even the dance itself, it takes lots of hard work and time.

  Martin said, “Depending on the event going on is what varies how much time I spend during a week planning things for the school. During Homecoming, I would spend up to six hours both in  and out of school planning for it.”

  People might be wondering if Martin actually has any free time.

  She joked, “Sike! What’s free time? I’ve never heard of her!”

  Martin continued on about how she thinks that being involved at school is very important. She feels that being involved will make school a more fun and memorable place.

  “This topic makes me kinda frustrated because, if you think about it, we’re gonna be in this place for four years. We’re really the only people that can make this place better, so why not and try and make it the best situation possible. It already sucks having to wake up so early so why not try and make this place as fun as possible.”

  Martin stated that she thinks that the work she did might not have made it difference in everyone’s high school experience, but she thinks that it really benefited her in life. She thinks that all the responsibilities she had in high school really made her realize that all this hard work will really pay off in the future.

  “Listen, everybody, being involved in school is one of the most important things in high school. Making those friends and those memories will be so much better than telling people you didn’t do anything in high school.”