Post-Homecoming: Executive Board’s next move

Post-Homecoming: Executive Board’s next move

Amanda Balon, Staff Writer

  Lakeview’s Executive board is the head of Student Council. They are in charge of setting up and planing many events that are held by the school like Homecoming, blood drives, charity events, pep assemblies, and certain fundraisers. They do a lot of behind the scene stuff that most members do not realize even happens.

  Homecoming was a main responsibility that E-board is in charge of. On Oct. 6, They worked with the rest of Student Council to set up all of the decorations that went with the “out of this world” theme and everything in order for the night. They also stay after the dance to clean up and put everything away.

  E-board is now working on carmel apple sucker sales, which will go towards the Student Council fund, the hat and glove drive, and maybe even a snow-coming. Towards the end of the year, they will be planning a charity week which is their next big event.

  Nick Rezeppa, ‘20 was introduced to E-board last year. He was given many different opportunities to attend different leadership activities and he really enjoys the responsibility that E-board has to offer.

 He mentioned, “It had been a big responsibility but everyone works together really well, so no one is really doing anything all on their own, which reduces a lot of the stress that comes with the position.”

  This is Leah Sargeant’s, ‘20 first year of being on E-board as well and she is very grateful for the opportunities it has given her.

  She stated, “I love being a part of E-board. It has been such a fun experience, and has gotten me more involved with school.”

  Julia Martin, ‘19, contributes to E-board greatly.

  She stated, “E-board has been one of the biggest responsibilities I’ve ever had to take on. Previously, I have been a class officer but so much more comes with being on E-board. Not only is it a lot of responsibilities, but you have to constantly demonstrate that you are a leader.”

  President of E-board, Libby Anderson, ‘19, decided to be on E-board because she has very good leadership skills and she felt that she was capable of a bigger position so she took the next step.

  She mentioned, “Being president of E-board has been a big responsibility. I love the position so much and working with my peers and putting together fun events is a great experience.”

  Everyone on E-board loves being a part of it because of the wonderful experience and how it has opened them up to new things.