Supreme 2018 Fall/Winter Drop, Week 9: North Face Collab

Supreme 2018 Fall/Winter Drop, Week 9: North Face Collab

Sam Sudney, Staff Writer

 This week marks Supreme’s 9th week of drops for the season. This week, Supreme collaborates with well-known outdoor apparel company, North Face. Seventeen products were released last Thursday, including an inflatable chair and a very expensive all leather North Face mountain parka.

  With a very hyped up collab comes some delays; the drop was delayed up to 15 seconds for some users. Despite that, everything sold out in about 3 minutes. Some big ticket items like the S Logo Sweatshirt’s sold out as quick as 3 seconds. Most of the North Face products were gone in less than a minute.

  Popular items are already selling for quite a pretty penny more than retail. The North Face Leather Mountain Parka is selling for around $1,400 on Stockx; higher prices are iminent the further time gets from the drop.

  “Last week’s Supreme drop was pretty bad in my opinion. The only thing that I really liked was the inflatable chair because it was just for the memes,” Lakeview Senior Forrest Smith expressed.

  Despite the sellout times and the hefty price on the Mountain Parka, it doesn’t seem to really peak interest with general consumers.

  “The collaboration with North Face is pretty good but I’m disappointed that they keep on using leather instead of doing a raincoat.” Smith continued, “Overall I feel as if Supreme’s been lacking when it comes to good product based off of the recent items they’ve released.”

  Lakeview students continue to share their feelings of this Supreme drop being pretty mediocre at best.

  “This was average, no special collabs but they did release the Supreme North Face bags, it’s alright, the inflatable chair was dope,” Vince Munoz ‘21 stated. “Honestly, the only thing that’ll have a decent resell will likely be the chair; the North Face collab was not as hyped as the previous years.”

  Supreme collaborations have definitely brought the company a new face, by introducing new style or just a different take on clothing as a whole. Not everyone has the same feelings.

  “They’ve been making some pretty good collab pieces, but instead of them just targeting bigger companies, I wish they’d collab with some more underground ones.” Munoz ended.

  This weeks drop ultimately wasn’t well received with students, but rise in resell prices speak against that claim.