Juniors of Lakeview High School attend Bio field trip.


Megan Messina, Staff Writer

  On Oct. 16, the juniors that have first semester bio class  went on a field trip to St.Clair Metro Park. In the Biology classes, students are learning about Biodiversity and how we can help save animals and our environment.

  Biology teacher Kelly Boone took her classes last year on this trip as well.

   “We stayed all day this year, last year we only stayed half the day. We did many of the similar things as my last year classes did but this time we got to explore with animals.”             

  Boone stated,”This is biology class; it’s supposed to be fun – A easy way to get a better understanding on this type of topic is to be hands on and be able to actually see what we are talking about inside of just reading about it”.

  On the field trip, students experienced different varieties of animals and what there habitats are like.

   “My favorite part on the field trip was doing a scavenger hunt, we got to be hands on and it was fun working with my group,” stated, Anthony Hauser, ‘20.

  Students also test water that came from the lake.

   “In this activity, students got to look at the water outcomes and see the negative chemicals that are polluting the water. They talked about what could be in the water and ways that they could try and help it,” stated Boone.

  Lots of the activities were fun and easy to understand, “The hardest activity would have to be the water testing. It was easy to mix them and get the colors we were suppose to create but understand what was in each one was difficult,” stated Tricia Jackson, ’20.

  On top of this, the field trip will correspond with a project the students will be working on.

  Boone stated, “My students are now working together in groups with coming up with an action and making a change to make our environment better and help the animals.”

  So many kids from all different grades heard about this field trip and save many cool pictures and videos.

  Boone expressed, “I hope to do this with my next semester classes as well, it was such a fun day and a great way to learn science.”