The Lakeview senior girls play Lakeshore in powderpuff game


Megan Messina, Staff Writer

  It’s that time of year again when the annual Lakeview vs. Lakeshore senior girls Powderpuff game is held at Lakeview High School on October 16.The class of 2019 girls have started practice and are excited about the game.

  The game is about getting our seniors girls together and having fun during their last year.

  Chrissy Layer, ‘19 stated, “The first practice was amazing. It was so fun and it was good to hang out with all my friends.”

  Many girls either don’t know anything about football or don’t play any types of sports.

  Jaden Lawler, ‘19 explained, “I feel a lot more prepared and kind of know what to expect now that we have had our first practice. It challenged me a lot and I was extremely sore the next day.”

  There are lots of Varsity football players helping out with the practices and coaching out on the field.

  Andrew Dickinson, ‘19 expressed,  “We have a lot of aggressive girls this year; I feel we are going to do really good. It is going to be a great time and it’s gonna be a fun few practices and an awesome game.”

  Durning the latest practice, the girls earned their positions for the game. Girls are all over the place, defense and offense. There is a lot of pressure when it comes to mastering your position, especially when it comes to quarterback, which was assigned to Kelly Wandzel, 19’ .

  The rest of the senior class is beyond excited to know that the seniors girls have started their practices.

  Mathieu Suave, ‘19 explained, “It good to know our class has started practicing, it’s cool to see all the girls get to together and get ready to beat Lakeshore.”

  The game can be extremely stressful on many girls.

  Albrieanha Fletcher, ‘19 expressed, “I am very stressed about school right now with the end of the card marking coming up, but it’s just a great way to let out my anger at powderpuff practice.”

  Be sure to come see Lakeview beat Lakeshore and watch an awesome game.