Senior girls take on Powderpuff


Hailey Cingel, Staff Writer

 Every year, Lakeview High School and Lakeshore High School host a girls powderpuff game. Seniors from both schools compete in a flag football competition and this event will take place on Oct. 16.

  Players will participate in a sport that very few of them have experience with, which some find nerve racking.

  “I am extremely nervous for the game. I’ve never really played a sport with so much contact, and it’s kind of nerve racking to go out there against all of these other girls,” stated Alyssa Armento, ‘19.

  The girls take part in flag football, and wear no protective gear during the game.  Some of the girls find this to be slightly upsetting, in part because of their lack of experience.

  “Playing at practice is kind of scary. A lot of the girls get really into it, which is great, but it also scares me that when I play, there’s nothing keeping me from getting hurt. But, I am very excited to be a part of this team and I feel like I’ve learned a lot more about football with these few practices we’ve had,” stated Shelby Cooper, ‘19.

  Players are also excited to see how some of the experienced players, like those on the rugby team, will compete.

  “I know that a bunch of girls have played rugby before, so at least they have some more experience with the sport,” stated Cooper.

   Other players have concerns with inexperience too, and feel like the practices have given them the proper preparation.

  “I feel like I’ve learned a lot so far. I can actually say that most of the team is confident in what they’ve learned, and I’d say that everyone is capable of playing well. I also think that I am ready myself, and I’m getting really pumped to play on Tuesday,” stated Erica Beckstrom, ‘19.

  Even with preparation, Cooper is unsure of how her newly acquired football knowledge will hold in the game.

  “I’m really nervous to play, because I feel like i’m going to mess up some rule that I should know about, and I really don’t want to let my teammates down,” stated Cooper.                               

  With all of their prep work through practices and learning more about the rules, the team is ready to go into their game on Tuesday, with full support of all their classmates