Lakeview Cross Country: A “Run-Down” of their seniors’ last season

Lakeview Cross Country: A “Run-Down” of their seniors’ last season

Alyssa Sutterfield, Staff Writer

Cross Country is a sport filled with hills, rain, mud, and a whole lot of gross things from nature. But this sport is also filled with laughter, joy, and even tears of sadness when one realizes that your seniors are done with their last high school race.

  With this 2018 season, the Cross Country team has a total of five seniors. Most of them have been running for at least two years, some of them longer than their high school career.

  “I’ve been running Cross Country since the seventh grade, so I’ve been here for a long time,” said senior Julia Martin.

   These athletets all agree that running has benefited them, but it also has done other things for their lives.

  “My favorite about this sport is the lasting friendships you make with this team,” said senior, Michael Franklin. Other team members also agree with Franklin.

  “My favorite part about this sport is the team itself. The comradery is very strong and it’s unmatched with any other sport,” said senior, Jackson Dell.

 Libby Anderson said, “My favorite part about Cross Country is the feeling after completing a race. When you realize all the hard work you put in really payed off.”

    Jessica Ries said, “These kids come everyday and the dedication they have to this sport is just so nice to see.”

  These students have very similar feelings when they realize that their last season is coming to an end.

  “I think I’ll miss the people the most. I’ve never felt more loved or a part of a community with any other sport I’ve been apart of,” said Dell.

  “I’m  going to miss having something to do. Running is hard sometimes, but it’s more enjoyable when you’re doing it with others,” said Anderson.

  “I’m going to miss the meets where we listen to music and just have a ton of laughs, “ said senior, Samantha Unsworth.

  “I’m going to miss coming to practice and seeing everyone, the long bus rides even though they kind of suck, and the team dinners especially,” said Martin.

  They have been through really easy and rough times while competing on this team, but they always have something good to say.

  If you see these students in the halls, congratulate them for their hard work and dedication over the years on our Lakeview Cross Country team.