Elly Belmore sets swim record


Alexis Ciappara, Staff Writer

   Freshman Elly Belmore set a county swim record on Saturday Oct.6 with a time of 2:08.42 in the 200-meter medley. While this is not the first record she has broken, it was definitely her most gratifying moment.

  She broke 2 school records in the beginning of the year and has broken multiple club records over time.

  Her coach and her teammates were very proud of her. Some of her teammates were on the box and others were on the other side of the pool too. Her coach was waiting for her, the proudest she’s ever been.

“They were all jumping up and down and screaming, they were really happy for me,” said Belmore.

   She went up against multiple upperclassmen and was extremely nervous.

  “They are all like four years older than me and way taller than me. Of course, I would be scared,” said Belmore.

  There are many techniques she uses to calm herself down like listening to music or talking with her teammates. When she’s in the water, she can see how close the other swimmers are to her, so she pushes herself to go faster to get farther away from them.

  “I usually roll out my muscles while my team and I jam out on the bus,” said Belmore (when elaborating on her ‘pre-meet’ ritual).

  A week or a few days before a meet they go easy at practice and eat extra healthy to have lots of energy.

“Once we get there, I also like to watch how the other teams do as a whole so I can kinda see what I’m up against,” said Belmore.

  She started swimming when she was 5. Her brother was already swimming, so her parents decided to put her in it too. She has loved it ever since.

“My motivation to keep me going is ‘know that there is a record to break, and that I am able to break it’,” said Belmore.