Lakeview football fights to make playoffs


Owrn Greiner, Staff Writer

   The 5-3 Lakeview varsity football team is making a push to make the playoffs. To make the playoffs they must beat  rival Lakeshore.

  Even though Lakeview beat Cousino 40-26, some players believe that they could have played a lot better.

  “I think we played really good as a team but there’s a lot we have to clean up on defense. It was probably the worst game we have played on defense, but we played good on offense and kept pounding the rock,” said starting defensive linemen junior Harold Irby.

  Players are they can beat rival Lakeshore.

  “I mean, last year we lost to Lakeshore in a really tough game, which we should’ve won, but I think we can pull out a win this year,” said Irby.

  If Lakeview wins, they will make the playoffs for only the third time in school history, and the players are pretty excited to make it.

  “It would be huge for both me and my team. I think we have worked hard and I believe we are one of the best teams to come through this school,” Irby shared.

  It’s not only the Lakeview players excited, the coaching staff is too.

  “High school football playoffs don’t happen that much in this school, so when the time comes, it definitely means something to players, to the school, and to the district. That one extra week of football practice means everything, ” said Offensive Coordinator for the junior varsity football team, Andrew Sorgeloos.