Lakeview’s chess club starts up for the year


Amanda Balon, Staff Writer

  Lakeview’s chess club has started up for the year and is being hosted by math teacher Susan Culver in her classroom, room 228. They meet every other Monday that Culver does not have a staff meeting. Right now, they are getting used to playing, but they hope to participate in some chess tournaments.

  Culver stated, “I decided to host chess club simply because I haven’t played chess in years, and it’s a fascinating game. Students indicated that they would like to be able to do that, so I said okay.”

  Students do not have to know how to play chess to join the club. All of the members would be happy to show you how to play the game. Many of the students in the club now started without having any knowledge of the game. Some students participated in chess club back in elementary or middle school, and enjoyed the game so much that they wanted to continue with it in high school.

  Cole Schieferstein, ‘21, played chess back in middle school and really enjoyed it so he decided to join the club. He stated, “I joined chess club because it’s a group that allows you to think about things, and it allows you to analyze and to strategize .”

  There are only six students in the club right now, but they are hoping to expand the group and gain many more members within the upcoming year.

  Culver mentioned, “As of right now there is no student leader in the club, but I am hoping that someone will rise above and kind of want to take care of scheduling the tournaments and things like that.”

  Chess club is not only open to students, but  teachers are also welcomed and Culver would love the help and company.

  The club will continue on throughout the year and they hope more people will discover how interesting the game of chess really is.