Lakeview girls golf wins divisions


Hailey Cingel, Staff Writer

  On Friday, Sept. 28, the Lakeview girls golf team played at Maple Lane Golf Course in their division tournament. Going into the match, the team’s record was 6-1.  Due to all of their preparation and hard work, the team took first.

  “To prepare, we’ve done a lot of chipping and putting, practices at the St.Clair Shores golf course, and a bunch of work at the driving range,” Megan Paczas, ‘20 stated.  

  Throughout all of their work this season, coach Karen Mazzola believes that the team chemistry left girls with strong bonds, and that the division title comes from all of the practice and hard work the team had.

  “Even in days that it was raining out, we never took a day off. I’m a believer that the game is not strictly won by skill, but it’s won by team bonding, believing in each other, and friendships that were developed during the season. That plays a huge role in making a team, having everybody in the same rhythm,” stated Mazzola.

  The team was overjoyed to find that they had won, making it the first time Lakeview has won at divisions.  

  “My score was an 83, which put me at the lowest score for the tournament. After I found how well I did, I got more excited to see where the team placed. So to hear we won first, it was really a strong feeling of pride and happiness,” Paczas stated.

  Other members of the team were happy with the results as well. Player Layne Kilroy, ‘21 enjoyed her day out at the tournament.

  “I had a lot of fun playing at the tournament. I was even happier to find that my score counted for my team, and then I got even more excited to find that we had won.  Even if we hadn’t, I still would have been happy, because I enjoyed playing and the experience that the tournament gave was unforgettable,” stated Kilroy.

  Mazzola could not be more proud of the girls and how far they have come and is excited for the next season, and to see the continuity of their progress.

  “I was totally excited. They’ve worked hard all year. I just felt like this was going to be a good season. The best part is that nobody is a senior, so everyone will be coming back next year,” stated Mazzola.

  The girls golf team will be going to regionals on Thursday, Oct. 11, to compete for the title of the top team in the region.