Tasios vacations to Greece

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Tasios vacations to Greece

Brendan Guciardo, Staff Writer

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  Every year, Yiannis Tasios, ‘21 makes a month-long trip to Greece. He usually goes from the end of July to the end of end of August to visit his family who lives there. He goes to Greece with his brother, mom, and dad.

  Tasios stays in Athens for about a week. Athens is known as being the heart of ancient Greece, a power civilization and empire, still dominated by 5th century BC landmarks, including things like ancient buildings and jewelry. Athens is also Europe’s eldest capital.

  After Tasios leaves Athens he goes to the village square, Tasios said “ Athens is my favorite part of the trip, we are only there for a week but it is a lot of fun and there is a lot to do.”where he gets to enjoy his family’s company, swim play soccer, and eat.   Tasios spends the rest of the time in the Kerasia Village.

  Tasios visits Greece to see his family that lives there; he stays with his dad’s family, but they take some small trips to see some of his mom’s family as well.

  When in Greece Tasios spends his time playing soccer, swimming in the ocean, eating what he called “the best food in the world”, and hanging out with his family. Most of Tasios’s younger cousins play soccer, so he spends a lot of time competing with them in soccer games. He said his favorite Greek food is gyro’s; his family even has their own restaurant in Saint Clair Shores: Karas Brothers.

  When in Greece, Tasios enjoys foods from the Greek culture. He eats things like gyros, giouvetsis, baked lamb with potatoes, and kreatopita.

  Tasios said, “Gyros are the best food in the world.”

  When there, he spends a lot of his time on the nearest beach swimming or playing soccer at the soccer field, which is just a short walk from where he stays. To get there Tasios spends 13 hours on a plane before he gets to his final destination.

  Tasios said “Although the plane ride is very long, it is most definitely worth it. I don’t see my family very often, so I like when I can see them.”

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