Is wearing the “Make America Great Again” hat acceptable in society?


Raymond Desy, Staff Writer

  In recent months, many celebrities have spoken out against President Donald Trump. Because of this, people who support Trump are often faced with backlash. Others who support the president do not come out as Trump supporters because they are scared of what people will think and say.

  Very few well known people have come out as Trump supporters, but there is one who stands out: Kanye West. West has expressed his support for the president since his election, and in recent months has been sporting a custom “Make America Great Again” hat.

  All of West’s rap career, people have considered him a staple of the black community. He has done a lot to help the city of Chicago and reduce the violence there. Many African-Americans have regarded him highly and looked up to him. However, due to his support of Trump, his role in the black community has been called into question.

  He has said that people have bullied him because of his support. Many people tweeted, including well known celebrities, that West is crazy and he doesn’t know what he is talking about. In addition to celebrities, such as Katy Perry, Snoop Dogg, and John Legend, some of his fans have expressed their disappointment in him.

  The question that West has raised is, is wearing a “MAGA” hat and supporting the president acceptable in today’s society?

  Paul Tyre, ‘20, thinks that although it is freedom of expression, that people still are pressured to sway against Trump.

  “The first amendment allows us to wear or support whomever we want, but there is still people who judge and label people because they wear the hat or support Trump.”

  Kyle Wright, ‘19, also says it is covered under the first amendment, and no one can change that.

  “As Americans, we can support whoever we want and we can wear whatever we want. Nobody can tell us any different. If I want to wear something, I will wear it, even if it comes with backlash, because it is my right.”

  Although many people do judge people and scrutinize them for wearing the “Make America Great Again” hat, it is the American right. Nobody can tell you you can or can’t wear it. You have to be the judge on if you think it is right or wrong.