Carlton dances his way on to the Huskettes


Leah Sargeant, Staff Writer

  The Lakeview dance team, the Huskettes, are making a major comeback this school year, and one of their newest members could be the reason why.

  Freshman Wade Carlton is the only boy on the dance team. This has definitely helped him stand out and brought more attention to the Huskettes.

  Kylie Markle, ‘20 was on the dance team her freshman year and says that they have improved a lot.

  “Wade has brought new tricks, smiles, and an audience who actually wants to watch us,” Markle stated.

  Their coaches, Shannon Edmonds and Katlyn Zerillo, are former Huskettes and 2016 graduates from Lakeview. Their personal experience could contribute the the team’s success this year.

  Carlton has been dancing for a little over two years and decided to try out with one of his other friends.

  Carlton explained, “I love dance and my friend Brooke needed someone to tryout with, so I said I would because it sounded super fun.”

  Tryouts were held back in May of last school year while Carlton was still in eighth grade.

  So far the team has performed during halftime of the Friday night football games. It has been very noticeable that this year the student section is a lot more excited to watch the Huskettes dance.

  Carlton not only dances for the team, he also helps out in many other ways.

  Brooke Potocki, ‘22 is really enjoying her first year as a Huskette and can’t imagine the team without Carlton.

  “Wade does a lot for the team. He makes our song edits for games, and sometimes helps out with choreography. Whenever there’s a blank space in the dance team, we can always count on him to fill it with some type of trick,” Potocki replied.

  This season the Huskettes have grown together and become a big family. They support each other and are making great memories dancing together and improving their skills together. They have really made a name for themselves throughout the school and have easily become the highlight of the halftime show.

  Even when times get stressful, Carlton remembers, “It’s all worth it and the work pays off when you perform in front of the school and it’s amazing.”