The football teams of Lakeview benefit from after school study hall


Megan Messina, Staff Writer

  The Varsity, Junior Varsity and Freshman football teams have been taking time out of their practices to have after school tutoring. Starting on Sept. 20, the Varsity football team had their first tutoring season. It took place in the library from 2:55 to 3:30, before practice. Varsity has it Wednesday and Thursdays, while JV and freshmen have it Thursdays and Fridays.

  Tutoring  was designed for the players to be able to keep up with their grades and get the work done that they might not be able to get done with the  help of teachers.

  Coach Patrick Threet explained why he believed the study hall would be a good idea. “When you’re a student athlete, you not only need to be focus on the game, but you need to be more focused on your studies and to keep up with your grades.”

  Players from all teams have their own opinion on this topic.

  Jv player, Andrew Messina, ‘21 stated, “I enjoy the study hall; it helps me get my work done. I’m never home early to get it done after football so it’s nice to know its done before I even get home.”

   Delorean Ishmon, ‘19 explained, “The study hall, I feel, helps me a lot; it helps me get better grades and I actually have time to do other things when I get home from practice, instead of doing homework all night.”

  Threet explained, how he got this all started. “I emailed the Lakeview community to see if any teachers would be interested in taking time out of their day to come and assist on the study hall.”     

   Threet stated that once you become an athlete, you also become an student athlete.

  Threet highlighted that he knows what his players are going through because he was once in their shoes.

   “It’s not easy to keep up great grades when you have a sport to think about as well,” he concluded.

  First year football players truly didn’t know what they were getting themselves into when it came to being an student athlete.

   Freshmen player Griffin Butcher, ‘22 stated, “This is my first year playing football and first year of high school. The after school tutoring helps me a lot due to the fact I didn’t think how much homework I would be getting and how little time I would have to get things done.”  

   By the out looks of it, the after school tutoring is helping the players tremendously. Their grades are staying up and they are performing much better on the field as well. This idea was a great outcome that will change our Lakeview student athletes.