Homecoming Fashion: What’s Hot and What’s Not


Alyssa Sutterfield, Staff Writer

  Homecoming; a time filled with spirit weeks, football games, and a whole lot of fun too. But when it comes to finding the perfect outfit for the dance, people can sometimes struggle with knowing what’s hot or not.

   Both girls and guys have to get ready before Homecoming. If we’re being honest, girls have a more difficult time when finding the “perfect outfit”. Girls have to worry about the hair, the nails, the shoes, the jewelry; but the most important part of the outfit is the dress.

  When searching for the perfect dress, no girl wants to make the same mistake by showing up in the same dress, but she doesn’t want to show up in a dress that is so last season.

  Now, some girls don’t want to go to the ends of the Earth looking for a dress either. Most of the ladies at Lakeview either went to Windsor or Macy’s.

  Most of the girls said they tried to find a dress online because it’s easier and there’s no waiting in long lines or cash registers.

   “I got my dress online at lulu’s.com,” said freshman, Georgie Garcia.

  Some girls can find their dresses from $10 all the way to $400.

    “My dress was originally $420, but it was on sale for $210. In the end, I payed $175 and I also got a bracelet too,” said sophomore, Hailey Elwarner.

  Some girls can’t spend too much money on a dress that they are going to wear one time, so they have a budget, but not all of them.

   “Well I didn’t really have a budget,” said sophomore, Taylor Laprarie, “my dress was $400 in total after all the alterations.”

  When looking for a dress, girls either get a dress that’s either short or long. All of the girls at Lakeview purchased dresses that were short.

  This season, dresses came in colors from black all the way to lavender.

  “The color of my dress is burgundy,” said Junior Annelise Martin.

   The most popular colors this season are black, navy blue, gold, and any shade of red. So, hopefully this article helps you make the right decision when buying a homecoming dress.