Lakeview previews Michigan v.s Michigan state game

Lakeview previews Michigan v.s Michigan state game

Owen Greiner, Staff Writer

The annual Michigan vs Michigan State football game is schedule to be on Oct 20, 2018 at Michigan State field in East Lansing and with the tickets starting at $148.

   As it stands now, according to ESPN, Michigan has a 59% chance to beat the Spartans. If Michigan ends up coming on top, like they are projected to, they will lead the all time series with 69 wins 39 loses and 5 ties.

  “I think Michigan will get the early lead, then Michigan state will come back and make it close but Michigan pulls it off in the end,” said Junior Noah Stanley.

  Michigan for the first time in a couple years has good depth at the quarterback position. Shea Patterson is the starter with 709 throwing yards; Michigan also has a great young quarterback in, Dylan McCaffrey, who is the back up but is still showing a lot of potential.

  “I think more will be told in the upcoming weeks when they start playing more difficult opponents. You had your one game against Notre Dame which was their (Michigan) really tough opponent thus far and we kind of struggled at that position,” said Lakeview’s gym teacher Jason Kedrow.

  Even with Michigan ranked as number 14 in the nation, they seem to come up short in rivalry games. Jim Harbaugh (Michigan football head coach) is a sad 1-2 against Michigan State.

  Michigan State on the flip side is 2-1 against Michigan. Out of those three games Michigan was not projected to win any of them.

  Michigan State quarterback, Brian Lewerke, has thrown for about 100 yards more than Patterson, with 814 yards.

   Many students at Lakeview say that Michigan State will come out on top over the Wolverines of Michigan.

  “Michigan likes to choke in all their games… Even though we [Michigan State] had a rough two first games, Michigan State is a strong team and they always find a way to win,” Lakeview free safety and Michigan state fan Isaiah Robinson ‘20.

  Some students do cheer for the other team,Michigan state, when the two are not playing each other but only for certain rival teams.

  “When they [Michigan State] play Ohio State I cheer for them all day,” said Lakeview’s starting defensive end and Michigan fan Harold Irby, ‘20.

  A couple of teachers believe that the Michigan v.s Michigan State game is not the biggest college rivalry game in the nation.

  “No… No I think we would like to think so, but, down South they are a lot more intense games… Georgia/Auburn and even Ohio State is much more intense to Michigan,” said Lakeview’s Web Design teacher Nick Spano.