Four editors assist Sharp in creating this year’s yearbook


Megan Messina, Staff Writer

  Over the years, Lakeview yearbook has been known for their creativity and hard work. Over the summer, Lakeview recruited two rookie editors and two new editors that do not get much shine: Seniors Kyndal Wofford, Shelby Cooper, Jessica Roznowski, and Jessica Smalley .

  Wofford, a recruited editor for two years now, has been on yearbook since her sophomore year.

   Wofford stated, “I am excited about this year’s yearbook due to the fact that I get to leave my mark since I’m a senior.”

  The yearbook is not an easy thing to just do; it takes lots of time and puts stress on everyone involved. First year editor explained, “My goals for the rest of the staff is to just do really well and work their hardest.”

 One of the main goals all the editors have in common is for their fellow yearbook staff members to meet their deadlines to cause less stress on them and the class instructor Sharada Sharp, a teacher at lakeview who runs yearbook and is an art teacher.

   Cooper, editor for her second year, explained her goals of helping Sharp.

  “I plan on taking less stress off her shoulders and to help her keep calm during deadlines.”  

  Everyone should buy a yearbook stated the editors. It’s an awesome way to look back at the good and bad memories that had happen throughout the year.

  Smalley stated,  “You can order a yearbook online right now on the Lakeview website.”

  The yearbook editors works tremendously hard all year long to make it a great yearbook for everyone to enjoy.

  Wofford explained, “We work so hard to have the yearbook to relate to everyone; we try to include each student to be in it at least three times.”

  If it wasn’t for our awesome editors, Lakeview would not have an amazing yearbook to show up at the end of the year.