New faces take over the Dog Pound


Lindsay Wertenberger, Staff Writer

   Each year the Lakeview Dog Pound has two new students who represent and lead the student section during sporting events. They are both seniors chosen by the leaders of the previous graduating year.

  During the senior assembly at the end of every school year two upcoming seniors, one boy and one girl, are chosen to become the leaders of our schools student section for the following year. This year’s leaders are Jack Suede and Julia Martin.

  Both Suede and Martin participated in dog pound events before they took their positions as leaders.

  Martin, stated, “There’s a little more pressure, but also it’s cool because you get to help bring everyone together.”

  In their new positions, their job is to lead the crowd through different chants and cheers throughout the game.

  “I like leading the chants and carrying the cowbell everywhere at games,” Suede mentioned.

  He also included that the main difference as being a leader is, “being in the Dog Pound is laid back because you follow whatever the leader does, but as the leader you have to get the whole dog pound hype which is sometimes hard if we are losing.”

  When they discovered their new jobs, Suede and Martin had similar reactions.

   “I was pretty happy but also anxious in a way. Mainly excited though,” Suede included. Martin shared a very similar response.
  So far this season they have set out to be more organized. They have made a set schedule of all the themes, let students know about tailgates for home games, as soon as they are planned, and are actively involved on the twitter page (@LHSDogPound_18).

  As far as themes go, Martin mentioned that she and Suede planned ahead.

  “We got input from other people so that we can make sure we plan things people want to do.”

  They also tried to incorporate themes that have never been done before. Some of the themes for upcoming games include neon, camo and America. Sticking to the annual tradition for the homecoming game, on Oct. 5, 2018, it will be a silver and blue theme. Suede stated that he was most looking forward to the Halloween-themed game, but also really liked the Hawaiian game.

 Throughout the rest of the school year, Suede and Martin will continue to attend home soccer and basketball games. Their hope is that these events can still draw in big crowds for students to show support for our schools teams.