Lakeview High School hires new Teacher Cadet teacher

Kailee Ball, Staff Writer

   As the 2018-2019 school year starts ,Lakeview has added Teacher Cadet teacher Elizabeth Curd to the school staff. She has been a teacher for the past 20 years and has experience in the Swartz Creek,south Lyon, and Fowlerville school districts.

  In her first year at Lakeview, Curd will be teaching Child Development, Parenting, and Teacher Cadet.

   Having never taught the teacher cadet class, she had to research and take classes to become a certified teacher for this position. Curd has been teaching classes related to  child development and parenting for the past 15 years. As Curd has gained experience as a teacher, she has developed her own teaching style.

    “I do an emotional intelligence perspective because if you don’t deal with how you are feeling about something, you won’t get to the development of milestones until you take care of that,” stated Curd.    

  Curd’s students say that she is a very relatable teacher and are looking forward to learning from her.

  Hailey Kluge, ‘19 explained, “I think she is more of a relatable teacher to teenagers just because of her work experience in the past and overall one of easier going teachers.”

   Recently, Curd took a little bit of time off from teaching and worked towards a counseling degree so she could become a therapist.  After taking a few years off, she is now back to teaching and will continue to teach and help people through her counseling business.

Students who have Curd next semester said that they have heard great things about her and how she teaches her class.

“Mrs. Curd seems like a super nice teacher and i am really excited to have her next semester”, stated Aili Mayfield, ‘21.