Cavs and Warriors in the Finals once again


Buddy Desy, Staff Writer

  Cavaliers and Warriors in the NBA Finals, doesn’t that sound familiar? This is the fourth straight meeting of the Cavs and Warriors in the Finals, Golden State having won two of the last three. This is the only time in the history of the four major American professional sports that the same matchup has happened four straight years. Some say this is bad for basketball and boring. For a solution many offer an expansion draft. Others claim that if they are the two best teams that year, then they both deserve to be in the Finals.

  It has been a topic for the last four years. Super teams, do they help or hurt the NBA? Well, there really is no answer to that. It has benefits and disadvantages. The good side is that people know what they are getting. Although the Warriors have won two of the three past championships, people still know that when facing off against the Cavs, it will be a good series. This will make people watch. A disadvantage is because people assume it will be the same two teams in the Finals again, they don’t bother to watch the regular season games.

  McCall Lucy, ‘20, is all for the Cavaliers and Warriors in the Finals.

  “If the Cavaliers and Warriors are the two best teams in the league, then why wouldn’t it be okay for them to be in the Finals? They work to get that good and to get to that point where they make it to the Finals every year.”

  Some will argue that they don’t work as hard. They are just super teams, and it is unfair to have multiple superstar players on one team.

  Kole Wright, ‘20, hates that the same teams make it to the Finals every year.

  “ It’s getting to a point where its just out of hand. I don’t even watch the playoffs anymore, and I love basketball. It’s my life. I only watch the Pistons now, even though I know that they won’t do as good as the Cavs and Warriors.”

  Others, like Adam Johnson, ‘19, look at the repetitive result of the NBA seasons in more of a business view.

  “ It’s good for the Cavs and Warriors because they are the only teams who are selling merch, which increases revenue for those teams a lot. Also, this disproves the people who say the NBA is rigged, because why would the NBA rig the season to have the same results, which get bad ratings? They wouldn’t do that.”

  Right now the Cavs and Warriors merchandise is the most popular according to sales. LeBron James, Steph Curry, and Kevin Durant are among the top selling jerseys.

  Whether people think it’s good or not, the Cavaliers and the Warriors are going to keep meeting in the Finals every year, unless something crazy happens, such as a trade happening, or free agents leaving, or even a new great team emerging from either conference. The Sixers, Celtics, and Rockets could threaten the Warriors and Cavs Finals streaks. There was almost a new matchup in the Finals this year. Both the Warriors and the Cavs were one game away from not making it to the Finals, but unsurprisingly, they did.