Student council members run for Executive Board

Hailey Cingel, Staff Writer

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Every year, members of Lakeview’s Student Council run for positions on the executive board. The elected officials help run Student Council alongside teachers Natalie Bowen and Stephanie Givinsky.

  “The purpose of EBoard is to effectively run the school.  They make decisions, they’re the leaders of student council, they organize homecoming, charity week, pep assemblies and also run meetings in the morning,” stated Bowen.

  Before the executive board is voted on, the previous year’s officials, along with Bowen and Givinsky, interview any student who wants to run.

  “We hold interviews so we can get a sense of who’s applying.  A lot of the time there’s a student that Mrs.Givinsky and I may not know, because we never had them in class, so it’s nice to put a face to the name.  It also gives us a chance to ask them some questions about why they want to be on EBoard or what they think they could bring,” stated Bowen.

  The interviews will only take a few minutes for each runner to take part in and will better prepare them for their speeches at the last Student council meeting of the year.

  “The interview process is five minutes long per person, and basically, whoever’s getting interviewed stands outside and each person on EBoard asks them one, maybe two questions each,” stated Abigail Haas, ‘18.

  The purpose of the interview overall is to find out why each student wants to run, and ask them more about what they think they could bring to Student Council.

  “It gives us a chance to ask them why they want to join EBoard and why they think they’d be fit,” stated Bowen.

  Even though the interview is simple, some of the candidates are still nervous for the interview.

  “I’m somewhat prepared for the interview, but I’m a little nervous. I think I’ll do okay, because I have the support of friends,” stated Jessica Schneider, ‘20.

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Student council members run for Executive Board