Lakeview drama students bring joy to a local retirement home

Buddy Desy, Staff Writer

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 Devon Fralick and 14 of her drama students went to Saint Mary’s Nursing Home for their annual Spring party in which they decorate the senior center to look like a cruise ship. This year’s theme was a Disney Cruise. After, a former Lakeview student told them he knew of someone with many Disney-themed costumes: Fralick.  St. Mary’s gave her a call and asked her to come to the festivities; she agreed.

  Fralick and her students went the week of the May 21 on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 2-4 pm.

  Fralick detailed what they did everyday at the nursing home.

  “Each day we did a skit, interacted with the residents, took pictures, and even had a Disney costume fashion show,” said Fralick.

  Everybody had fun, especially the residents. Students made sure not to make any resident feel left out.

  “The kids went from room to room, so that even the shut-in residents had a visit. It can be very hard for the residents if they never get any visitors. They enjoyed it a lot,” said Fralick.

   Even the students had a blast at Saint Mary’s. Some of them had so much fun, they actually returned to visit some of the residents who did not get many visitors usually.

   Some of the characters portrayed by the drama students included Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Mulan, Pocahontas, Snow White, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Ariel from Little Mermaid, and Prince Charming from Cinderella.

  Although Kylie Markel, ‘20 is not big into acting, she enjoyed the three one-act plays they put on.

  “I was Pocahontas. My favorite part was learning how to act in front of people you’re not comfortable with. I had tons of fun,” said Markel.

  Erin Dobbs, ‘19, appreciated her time at the retirement home. She likes acting and loved her visit.

  “I played Belle. I took many pictures, and played many games with the seniors. I had a good time, because the seniors had a really good time. They really seemed to enjoy the shows we put on, as well as food,” said Dobbs.

  Overall, the field trip was a success. Not only did the students enjoy putting on a show for the seniors, but the seniors loved having them there as well.

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