Beloved teacher is not coming back for the 2018-2019 school year

Jaden Lawler, Staff Writer

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Nathan Maus, math teacher, who is loved by many students is going  back to De La Salle for the 2018-2019 school year.

  De La Salle had a position open, and the president of the school thought that Maus would be a good candidate for the position to work in operations instead of teaching. The president said that he liked Maus’s mindset and mission, which is that schools are a place to educate students.

  “I’m not going to be a teacher at this school. I’m going into operations, and I’m going to be directing their tuition assistance program. I’ll be a part of the school’s leadership team. I will also be helping with other contracts that the school has,” Maus stated.

  However Maus has the opportunity to return to teaching at De La Salle if  he so chooses.

  “I did teach there before and how I had my classroom was different. It’s all boys so the dynamic of the room changed. Some of the projects that I do here (Lakeview) is different.  I supply the supplies and I would supply computers, but most of the students have access to that at home at De La Salle,” Maus said.

  Many students love having him as a teacher and are going to miss him being here.

  “I loved having him as a teacher, and I am going to miss seeing him around school.” Claire Parenteau, ‘19 said.

  Although, he is going to be a Pilot again, he will always be a Husky at heart.  

  “It is great to be a Husky. The Lakeview student body is very welcoming. They’re very passionate about everything they believe in. I’m going to miss the staff members, because they are some of the best teachers I have ever worked with. Also, I truly do believe that our administration is one of the best and we have the best administrators here,” Maus said.  

  Even with him not working here anymore and switching to another school, his love for our school will never change. If you want to say goodbye to him his last day as a Husky is June 14.

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Beloved teacher is not coming back for the 2018-2019 school year