13 Reasons Why gets a new season and watchers don’t know how to feel

Emily Costa, Staff Writer

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  The infamous story of Hannah Baker, a tragic story thought to be over, but this year, the second season was released on May 18. The unfortunate tragedy of Baker’s suicide is focused on throughout both of the released seasons.

  Because of her hurt and suffering, Baker decided to make a set of tapes to each person who had been a part of her suffering. The tapes included Justin, Jessica, Alex, Tyler, Courtney, Marcus, Zach, Ryan, Sheri, Clay, Bryce, and Mr. Porter; the counselor.

  In this season, the trial, Baker vs. Liberty High School, has begun. The Baker family sues Liberty High School for allegedly allowing the suicide of Hannah Baker to take place.

  Throughout the second season of 13 Reasons Why, Clay Jensen attempts to find evidence to help the Baker side of the trial. Additionally, Jensen tries to find justice for Baker’s rape.

  “This season was just a lot. There was the trial going on and everything, but no one wanted to speak up about the rapings,” Krista Brown, ‘21.

  The second season presses on exposed Polaroids rather than the tapes Baker made. These Polaroid pictures that reveal more of Baker’s story are taken in the “Clubhouse,” a shed behind the baseball field.

  The baseball team is the only people allowed to enter unless you’re invited by the team. Mostly girls are invited into the clubhouse because of the boys’ “conquests.” The boys later, in the clubhouse, do the unimaginable to whoever had been victimized into the clubhouse.

  Later into the season, the truth comes out at trial after so many obstacles. Bryce Walker raped Hannah and Jessica. Bryce had somehow escaped prison, ending up with probation, along with Justin being put in jail for being an accomplice of rape. Bryce though, got out of jail before Justin. Justin couldn’t be bailed out as quickly because of his guardians not being able to bail him out.

  The ending of 13 Reasons Why finishes with a traumatic scene, leaving watchers breathless.  Many debate whether or not the scene was necessary. Watchers believe that the last episode was thrown together and was completely inappropriate for the current world events.

   “Honestly I couldn’t believe what I was watching once I hit the last episode. I couldn’t watch it. Not only was that particular scene so crazy, but the ending was what got me the most. I don’t know what the writers were thinking when putting it out into the world while such big events have happened. Absolutely nuts,” Piper Fontana, ‘20.

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