Students take on MITES competition

Students take on MITES competition

Amanda Balon, Staff Writer

   May 9-12, four students from Lakeview attended the Michigan Industrial and Technology Educational Society, or MITES, competition. During this competition, students were challenged in many different areas of Industrial Education.  Karen Avery, Jacob Shue, Simon Mozelewski, and Jacob Vitale represented Lakeview. They participated in hands-on projects, where they had to use all of their knowledge from auto class and apply it to situations.

  Before attending this competition, students had to do a lot of preparation. They did mechanical work, math, electrical, and got a voltmeter to test electrical devices. They had limited time to do projects, and after they were finished, they were judged and ranked on how well they performed.

  Some situations that the students encountered were building car parts like brakes systems, and electrical work. Some faced other challenges with remembering how to do something, or even as simple as writing their name at the top of their paper for credit. They all learned from their mistakes and are prepared for next time.

  Karen Avery, ‘18, was the only female that attended the MITES competition from Lakeview, and she placed third in brakes.

  Avery stated, “I used what I learned here in the shop, and everything that I learned at home and applied it the the projects.”

  Jacob Vitale, ‘18, mentioned, “I know I did pretty good for what I was doing, and I did a lot of work in the auto shop beforehand so I would be ready. It ended up being a really great experience.”

  Jacob Shue, ‘19, placed eighth in safety inspection and explained, “The competition allowed us to show what we can do at our best, and it went really well.”

Simon Mozelewski, ‘19, had been to the competition and states before, so he was prepared and ready for what he was going to face.

  Mozelewski stated, “Everyone that went learned something, or found something they could improve on.”

  All of the students had a great experience at the competition and plan on continuing to work in the automotive industry. They are proud of their performances and encourage anyone else who may be considering attending this event to take on the challenge.