Alumni students rebuild dance team

Abby Haas, Online Editor

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  With the failure to launch a new dance team at the beginning of the 2017/2018 school year, many dancers were left without a team. Fortunately, alumni Katlyn Zerillo, ‘17 and Shannon Edmonds, ‘17 took on the coaching job to turn the program around.

  Zerillo stated, “I took the job because I didn’t want to see the Huskettes die out since it was something so great at one time. It also affected me since I was on the team in high school.”

  Tryouts took place in early May, and they had a great turnout. With 15 girls showing up, eleven of them made the Varsity dance team.

  Edmonds stated, “Tryouts were a great success. There was a lot of very strong dancers, so having to cut some girls made it very hard on Katlyn and me.”

  The new varsity coaches have very high expectations for the Huskettes. They understand that rebuilding a program is not going to happen overnight- but they will try their hardest to get the program back on its feet.

  Zerillo stated, “Shannon and I are very excited to rebuild the Huskettes name and watch the dances come to life.” She continued, “We are planning on adding ‘sideline’ dances to the program and having a set of dances for the fight song as well during football season.”

  Dance is a year-round sport, so practices will start June 18. Practices will take place three mornings a week during the summer and two days a week during the school year.

  The dance team performs at a variety of different events throughout the year. Some include football games, basketball games, and dance competitions. Zerillo is holding very high expectations for this team though and is hoping to make it to UDA Nationals in Disney World as well.

  The new coaches are thrilled for the opportunity they have to rebuild the dance team, and are looking forward to a very exciting season next school year.

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Alumni students rebuild dance team