Pistons Draft Woes

Pistons Draft Woes

Dylan Lackey, Staff Writer

 With the 2018 NBA draft right around the corner, many Pistons fans are already worried. Draft woes have haunted the Detroit Pistons for a good portion of their existence, and Detroit’s inability to evaluate talent has spanned several decades. Here are the top 5 times the pistons missed out on an all-star.


2003 – Darko Milicic

 The 2003 NBA Draft took place inside Madison Square Garden. LeBron James highlighted an impressive draft class. The Pistons ended up selecting Darko with the second pick in the draft. The Pistons would win a championship just a year after that pick, but it wouldn’t take long to realize they made a mistake. Detroit passed up on three future Hall of Fame players in Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade. Adding one of those players to that dominant Detroit Pistons team would have resulted in multiple championships. There’s no question about it. Instead, Pistons fans are left to wonder what could have been.


2011 – Brandon Knight

  Knight was drafted ahead of Kemba Walker, Kawhi Leonard and Jimmy Butler. Leonard and Butler alone make this pick look like a mistake. But even non-superstars like Tobias Harris, Reggie Jackson and Kenneth Faried were taken well after him. All of those players listed have had more successful careers than Brandon Knight. Brandon Knight since leaving Detroit has become a very good player, but while in Detroit he was a decent role player. Not worthy of being picked above anyone I previously listed.


2001 – Rodney White

  Still looking for a player to compliment Jerry Stackhouse on the wing, Detroit chose small forward Rodney White with the ninth overall pick. Joe Johnson, Richard Jefferson, Zach Randolph, Gerald Wallace, Tony Parker and Gilbert Arenas were all taken after White. In just one season with the Pistons, Rodney White played in 16 games. He averaged 3 points and 1 rebounds per game before being traded to Denver after his rookie year. An obvious Piston’s mistake.


2013 – Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

  The Pistons selected Kentavious with the eighth pick in the 2013 draft. A solid prospect coming out of Georgia, Caldwell wasn’t an awful selection. His rookie year he did only average 5 ppg though. Growing into a “3 and D” type of guy, Caldwell is still having a decent nba career. The only problem is the pistons missed out on All-Stars such as Giannis Antetokounmpo, Rudy Gobert, and Cj McCollum. All players who would have put the pistons at a playoff caliber type of team.


2010 – Greg Monroe

  The pistons selected Greg Monroe with the seventh pick in the 2010 draft. Many people would have assumed Greg Monroe would be a piston for life. He fit perfectly with the style of Detroit and was loved by the fans. Also having a very good career with the pistons at his peak averaging 16 ppg, and 10 rpg. Even with all of that, the pistons still missed out on one of the best players in the nba, Paul George. Also missing out on players such as Gordon Hayward and Eric Bledsoe.


  The pistons have obviously made some draft errors over the past couple of years and fans can only hope these upcoming years will be better. The pistons are without a draft pick this year. Lets hope 2019 is a good one.