What a time to be a senior

Seanna Saccone, Staff Writer

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 With the school year coming to an end, nothing is more stressful than being a senior in high school.

  Everything from deciding what college to attend , to how to decorate a cap for graduation, to sports, to prom, and more is very stressful.

  Senior year is also a really expensive year from  beginning to end.

Seniors have to invest their money on powderpuff, spirit wear, homecoming, spring break, senior all night party tickets, prom, clothes for white dress day, graduation, and much more.  

  Not every kid is lucky enough to have their parents pay for everything; in fact, most seniors go to school all day, then straight to work, then go home and and spend hours on homework.

  For those seniors who pay for everything themselves, it’s more than hard to get enough money for everything senior year offers.

  Senior, Abigail Haas explained spring break was the first expense that cost the most. She said, “Even though it was an option to go, I didn’t want to miss out on that time with my friends so I had to save up all my money from my winter job to buy a plane ticket and other things for the trip.”

  Haas also mentions prom and says its a stressful time with student council because they’ve been planning since the end of junior year. “We just hope everything works out and is successful,” stated Haas.

  Another senior Rachel Barber explains about her stresses regarding money. While working three jobs, Barber plays two sports and still manages to get schoolwork done.

  Barber said, “Senior year has been so expensive from sports to homecoming to prom to graduation, plus having to save money up for college.”

  Although a lot of senior expenses are not technically mandatory, it’s the last hoorah of your high school years and nobody wants to miss out on those memories.

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