Student council members compete for officer positions

Leah Sargeant, Staff Writer

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 It’s that time of year where students from all grade levels are campaigning for class officer elections. In student council, each class has four officers: president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. Members from each class compete for their desired position.

  Freshman, Kyle Cooper is running for president. He believes that his voice can speak for all students.

 Cooper stated, “I believe that people should vote for me because I am a very passionate and determined person. I have the fight and the drive to be a leader. If there’s a problem that needs to be fixed, I will do everything in my power to fix it and do so in a timely matter.”

  It takes a lot of responsibility and courage to take on any of these officer positions.

  Taylor LaPrairie, ‘21 already has experience and knows how to handle the stress of being a leader. She was vice president of her class this year and is running again.

  “As vice president, I would like to bring new ideas to make the school year more exciting,” explained LaPrairie.

  Members of student council do so much for Lakeview and have to always plan ahead. Officers have to brainstorm ideas to raise money for events like Prom, Charity Week, and Homecoming.

  Jennifer Laukonis, ‘20 is running for secretary. She encourages students to join student council because it has greatly benefitted her.

  Laukonis voiced, “Student council is a great way to make new friends, establish leadership skills, and make the best of high school.”

  Being a secretary requires a lot of involvement because they’re in charge of attendance and taking notes at the meetings. Also, the secretary needs to keep the vice president informed about who isn’t showing up. This person needs to be very organized and devoted to attending all meetings.

  Junior Alyssa Armento is also running for secretary . She has been campaigning through social media to get her name out there.

  “I posted on my Twitter and Snapchat accounts about it. I also talked in person with a lot of people,” Armento informed.

  Julia Martin, ‘19, who is running for vice president, loves being a member of student council and enjoys how she has become more involved with Lakeview.

  Martin expressed, “I like being a member of student council because you get to have a say in how things run in the school. Plus, I enjoy being involved and planning events such as homecoming and charity week.”

  These students are all very dedicated to doing their very best to be strong leaders. student council is an amazing opportunity to meet others who are also looking to make Lakeview a better place. No matter what position you hold in this organization, you can present ideas and make a difference.



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Student council members compete for officer positions