Lakeview lunch aids show care for the student body

Hailey Cingel, Staff Writer

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  The Lakeview staff includes many great people, including the cafeteria staff.

  Tammy Smith, the district’s head cook, has many roles to play everyday.

  “I am in charge of all of the schools, besides being the head cook at Lakeview, I’m also the district coordinator, so I have to order all of the food, do all of the menus, do all of the audits.  And, I am in charge of all of the girls at all of the schools who work the registers and manage the lunch accounts,” Smith stated.

  Throughout all of this, Smith loves her job and seeing Lakeview students everyday.

  “Sometimes I’m worried about not having enough people working and making sure that all of the older kids get a lunch,” stated Smith.

  Linda Forgacs, a lunch aid, has been working at Lakeview for two years and often goes to see students play at after school events.

  “I don’t like having to confront the kids who misbehave, but I do enjoy the kids, and even go to some of their games after school,” explained Forgacs.

  In addition to watching over the students, some lunch aids walk around to pick up trash that is left behind.

  “They are always so kind to us and if we have trash they offer to throw it away,” stated Samantha Beshke, ‘20.

  A lot of the lunch aids either have a child that currently attends Lakeview or attended in the past.

  “My friend wanted me to come and help out, and now I love it here, and i’m glad to be here,” explained Forgacs.

  On top of their everyday work, Smith still wishes that there was more she could do for the quality of Lakeview student’s lunches.

  “If I wanted to tell anybody anything, it’s that there is a lot of criteria that we have to follow.  It’s not my choice as to some of the foods that we have to serve – it’s the rules and the guidelines,” explained Smith.


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Lakeview lunch aids show care for the student body