Seniors input on hypothetical teacher mock elections

Abby Haas, Online Editor

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   With senior mock elections soon to be revealed in the yearbook, we decided to ask seniors for their opinions on what mock elections teachers would receive (if such a concept actually existed).

  The purpose of mock elections are for the pure joy and entertainment of them. They are meant to be a harmless joke that is voted on by seniors to see who fits what category.

  Senior, Rachel Barber started us off and was tossed up between gym teacher Jason Kedrow and English teacher Anthony Savalle for “most likely to be seen at the gym.”

  She stated, “Kedrow because he has to maintain that ‘intimidating’ gym teacher look since he is only 5’8 and harmless. Or Savalle because he’s tired of being compared to Mike Nadon.”

  Madison Klimowicz, ‘18 stated, “Mr. Clark fits the mold for ‘Class Hall Roamer’.”

  She continued, “I can’t put a finger on it. Maybe it’s because every single time I’m in the hallway, he’s sitting by the garbage and telling ME to get back to class.”

  Senior,  Andrea Randazzo was insistent that gym teacher, Sam Herr would win best car. Seanna Saccone, ‘18 had to disagree with Randazzo’s opinion by voting history teacher Emanuel Haratsaris.

  Saccone ‘18 stated, “Being the adventurous guy Mr. H is, I couldn’t think of a better car than a Jeep Wrangler for him and all of his wandering of the world.”

  Senior, GJ Biblekaj had some very good points as to why elective teacher Sharada Sharp is the “Most Involved.”

  She stated, “Mrs. Sharp is in charge of yearbook, National Honor Art Society, and she is also the AP Art teacher. Not only is Mrs. Sharp involved in school, but she also does a lot of volunteer work like Kids Against Hunger outside of school.”

  Fin Mayfield, ‘18 is quite unique, but he seems to think Herr is unique too.

  He stated, “His personality and bald head not only make him unique, but so much more huggable.”

  Seniors,  Austin Zeiter and Patrick Canestrelli can agree that Special Education teacher Stephanie Johnson would win “Best Smile.”  

  Zeiter stated, “Mrs. Johnson and I are very similar. Whenever she smiles she lights up the room- like me.”

  Numerous students around school have noticed that ever since second semester, A. Savalle has been making more trips than normal to the Library. It just so happens that his wife, Martha Savalle, also started a new job as the librarian second semester.

  Senior Katie Fisher stated, “Mr. Savalle and his wife would be ‘Class Sweethearts.’ It would be so cool to work at the same place as your husband/wife.”      

  Yearbooks will be ready to pick up on May 17 in your second hour. You must be present with a form of ID in order to pick up your yearbook.








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