Seniors dance for their last year

Jaden Lawler, Staff Writer

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   Dance is a form of art that you can create and show a story through. Many seniors have their last year of dancing at Rhythm and Jump Dance Academy  since they’re graduating this year. Aubrie Skill, Taylor Stone, Taylor Weatherly, Sydney Smith and Danielle Niklas are several seniors who are leaving at the end of the 2018 school year.

  Being a dancer myself, I gave up my Saturday mornings for the past seven years, and I have danced with the same people throughout all of the years. Knowing that the girls who I have created such great friendships with are leaving and won’t be coming back next season makes me feel sad.

  Taylor Stone, ‘18, who has been dancing for seven years is leaving the studio after she graduates.

  “I’m going to miss being able to let go and walk in the studio and have all my problems from the week just flow out of me. I’m also going to miss the girls that I have danced with for years,” Stone said.

  When you have been a part of something for so long and have been with the same people for years, leaving something behind that you love is hard. The seniors who are graduating this year have been dancing with the same people and with the same teacher for more than five years.

  “Dance had become more than just a class on a Saturday. It’s a bond that can’t be broken and I’m going to miss my dance family more than anything,” Stone stated.

  Since there’s so many girls leaving this year, next season will be very different.  

  Everyone has developed as dancers and as people over the years. Since many people are leaving the studio this year to go off to college, the studio will be adding more students to the classes next year.

  Sydney Smith, ‘18, who has been dancing for ten years said that she’s going to miss everyone when she’s away at college.

  “I’m going to miss seeing everyone every week once when I go away,” Smith said.

  Everyone is going to miss dancing together every week, and they will forever be grateful for all the memories we have created throughout the years of being together.



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Seniors dance for their last year