Students show off their unique pets

Leah Sargeant, Staff Writer

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 Around Lakeview there are remarkable students and staff. Everyone is different in their very own way. The students here are unique, but their pets at home are too.

  Sophomore Liam Bunte has a total of three pets at his house. He has two crested geckos, Licky and Stripey. Male geckos can not be kept together or else they will fight, so they are both female. He also has a leachie, named Gallia, that is a larger species of Gecko.  Bunte works at Pets Supplies Plus, so he is always around animals even when he isn’t at home. He believes that his job has played a big role in his love for animals.

  He explained, “Working with animals made me want to work with more animals, but didn’t make me want more pets. It gave me a better appreciation of them.”

  Like Bunte, Haley Sorensen, ‘20 has a crested gecko. She also has two rats, a cat, and a pitbull. She decided to get rats because she finds them adorable and really smart, and they were only $15 each.  Even though having five pets may seem like a lot to some, her family loves them all.

  Sorensen loves that her rats aren’t too difficult to care for.

  She stated, “Not as long as you keep up with cleaning their cage and give them attention.”

Sophomore Conner Wolf has two pets in his house. His family has a cat, but he has his own gecko named Walter. It is more time consuming for him to care for Walter than his cat, but he likes caring for him.

  Wolf believes that his pets have made him happier and more responsible.

  “It’s fun to have a little companion that I can take care of and I like him because he is cute,” shared Wolf.  

  Pets provide everyone with a special bond that’s different from human relationships. A large majority of Lakeview students have animals at home that they love and connect with. Pets teach responsibility and how to care for another living thing before yourself. All animals are unique in their own ways, and that’s what makes them each so special.





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