Students learn CPR

Hailey Cingel, Staff Writer

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  Lakeview students who are currently taking health classes have the option to test for free CPR certification.

  For many, certification can help with jobs and be overall empowering to have.  Claudia Candela, ‘20, is currently taking the training.

  “It’s always good to have in any situation; but I have little brothers too, so that could always help with babysitting,” stated Candela.

   Health teachers,  Amanda Decker and Carrie Yurenka, have made free certification available to students.  Each student has to take an online quiz and receive an 80% or higher, along with passing the hands-on skill test.

   “We use a program called ProTainings, which is run through the American Heart Association.  As long as we pay a certain fee, which is for training for Mrs. Decker and I, then we are able to offer it to our kids at no cost,” stated Yurenka.

  The health teachers also offer recertification when two years have passed.

  “If you want to stay fresh with your skills, then recertify every two years. And that’s when kids come back to see me their senior year and get recertification,” shared Yurenka.

  The skills learned from CPR have been embedded in students minds to help others in the future.

  “The most important thing to remember is your hand positioning and your reps; 30 chest compressions to every two rescue breaths,” stated Megan Paczas, 20.

  “Always stay calm to make sure everything goes well,” recalled Candela.

  “You can’t mess it up. Kids can’t mess it up. Don’t worry so much about all of the steps, just remember the basics,” said Yurenka.

  Every Lakeview student who takes health with either Decker or Yurenka has the opportunity to obtain a free CPR certification. In turn, students are learning more and might have the chance to save a life in the future.

  “They are excited, they want to do it, it’s probably the easiest unit to teach, because it’s the unit that everyone wants to be a part of. Everyone wants the certification,” stated Yurenka.


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Students learn CPR