Lakeview takes on charity week

Jaden Lawler, Staff Writer

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 Student council organized charity week for the days of April 22-27. Everyday of this week, students wore a color designated for the charity that was being represented. Together, Huskies came together to try and make a difference for the people who are affected by  cancer and mental illness by raising money.

  All of the money that was raised is going to NAMI, because the director for the state of Michigan, who spoke with our student council at the regional leadership conference was personally affected by one of the mental disorders that they chose to have a day for.

  Stephanie Givinsky, physics teacher and student council adviser, said “The director’s son was diagnosed with schizophrenia, and actually committed suicide in college. So, the kids were really moved by his story of trying to help his son, and wanted to contribute to the cause.”

  The charities that they picked were breast cancer awareness, childhood cancer awareness, mental illness, brain cancer awareness, and  all cancer awareness.

  “We picked charities that we knew people are personally affected by, and charities that were close to people’s hearts,” Givinsky stated.

  Student council also bought awareness ribbons and t-shirts and sold them before school and during lunch.fundraisers at nearby restaurants. On Sunday the fundraiser was at Buffalo Wild Wings, and on Monday at Chipotle. There was also a food truck rally on Wednesday and bagel sales on Friday.

  Although this week focused on a variety of illnesses, all money raised is going to NAMI.  

  “We picked the awareness ribbons because when you think of  a charity you think of a color – like breast cancer is pink. The ribbons were a cheap way to make profit for the charity,” Madison Klimowicz, ‘18 stated.

  A sophomore who dressed up everyday this week for the color coordinating with the charity is Hailey Cingel. She dressed up because it hit closer to home for her than most students.

  “A lot of people in my family have been diagnosed with cancer, have died of cancer, or have struggled with a mental illness, so it meant a lot to me to participate. I bought all the ribbons, and thought that it was a great way to raise money and help people.” Cingel said.

  The Huskies raised over $2,000 and counting. Everyone is glad  so many people rallied together for a wonderful cause.

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Lakeview takes on charity week